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Holistic Clinical Genetic Health Service

Institute of Genomic Medicine is established in year 2019 for HKSTP incubator program.  We are among the pioneer on human genetic test,  cell therapy and related research organization.  We have one the most comprehensive human genomic database for health, heritage and diseases information.  

Among us are Harvard researchers, medical doctors and biochemical researchers.  We aim at to convert scientifically proven researches to general usage for enhancing people wellness and quality of living.  

We welcome professions and health-care organizations to contact us for promoting and converting high value biochemical and biomedical solutions for general public usage.  

One of our services is human genomic test.  We apply the Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) technique and identified nearly 10,000 genetic related health, heritage and diseases risk reports.  Please visit "Genetic Tests" web page for more information.   

Security and Quality of Service is our first priority.  Our laboratory owns all kind of related international certificates to ensure the safety and quality of our services.  

We welcome professions and organizations for any commercialization and cooperation opportunity.  Please feel free to whatsapp us at: 6293 6068 for idea sharing.  

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